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Our Consulting Experience

Kevin A Dunlap in a sportscoat and name badge when he was a Realtor

Kevin A Dunlap, founder of Optimal Performance Academy, started his career of helping other people at a fairly young age.  

After serving nearly 5 years in the U.S. Navy he left the military to go to college.  He eventually settled on getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in applied mathematics.  While attending college he worked part-time in the mathematics lab helping his fellow students learn mathematics principles they were not fully understanding from their classes.

When he graduated and then started graduate school he was hired to be a math adjunct.  This meant he would hold fully assigned classes to help students who just attended a class earlier in the week to review mathematics principles that were taught.  He would review the material and then write, present, and grade a weekly quiz.  

A few years later we became a part-time math teacher at two local community colleges.  This is when he realized he enjoyed helping people learn principles that they could use in their life and in their future studies.

He then left college to pursue his next career as an entrepreneur and a real estate consultant.  This would take him on an 18-year journey of additional seminars, workshops, and advanced studies into the world of entrepreneurship.  

He would eventually create his podcast Life’s Little Lessons and the writing of several books.

After writing his latest book Kevin would open Optimal Performance Academy and begin to create online training programs and private & group consultation programs.

“What sets Kevin apart is his exceptional creativity. He possesses a remarkable talent for thinking outside the box and approaching challenges from fresh perspectives. His innovative ideas and strategies have inspired me to break through barriers and tap into my own creative reservoirs.

~ Andrea Glasser  

Working with Coaches & Consultants

Kevin has been in the area of helping people from in front of the room since the early 1990s.  Everything began as a college student working in the math lab to make a little extra money while using his knowledge of math to help educate his fellow students.    

A coach or consultant usually has a supreme knowledge of their skill or trade.  However, they may not have a strong skill or trade in the aspects of building a business.  This is where we come in. 

You can attract and train your clients in the skills that you are the master.  However, if you don’t also work on your knowledge of building a successful business then you may not make it in the real world.  

When you start your small business you need both to be able to be successful.  

This is why we here at Optimal Performance Academy specialize in this area of business consulting. We ran a successful business and are now providing our services to not only small business owners but now also to people specifically as a coach or consultant.  

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Why You Need to Hire a Business Consultant

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New realtors should seek consulting from professionals to gain industry insights, personalized guidance, and boost confidence.

Consultants and mentors can help sharpen negotiation and communication skills, teach them entrepreneurial strategies, and a quicker form of becoming educated.

With this support, new realtors can navigate challenges more efficiently, make informed decisions, gain time management skills, and achieve long-term success in the dynamic real estate industry.

Embracing professional coansulting can be the key to unlocking their true potential and transforming into top-performing real estate professionals.

Just like accomplished athletes, singers, dancers, and actors have consultants, new realtors can benefit immensely from the guidance of experienced professionals in their career journey.

Strategy Session

Gain some useful knowledge by scheduling a complimentary 1-hour Strategy Session with the founder of OPA Kevin A Dunlap.  You never know what you can learn without doing something. 

As Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

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