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Join Our Meetup Group

Optimal Performance Academy official meetup group in the Raleigh Durham area for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Join Raleigh/Durham Small Business Owners Meetup.

Since February 2023 we have a live training and Meetup group located in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area.  

This Meetup is an education-based group training small business owners in different aspects of growing a business.  

We are currently having 2 events per month.  Some of these events are in-person and some are virtual.

Webinar Replays

View some of our upcoming extremely informative Free webinars to help you build and grow your business as quickly as possible.

Road Map for Business Success

This is our introductory course and is one of our webinars.  

In this webinar, you will learn about the 3 biggest aspects that you need to start a new business.  By understanding these 3 aspects will help you focus on where you need to pay attention as you are trying to grow your business. 

Upcoming Live (In-Person) and Online (Virtual) Workshops

We have a series of upcoming workshops, both live in-person as well as online virtual workshops, to help you take advantage of all the teachings that we have in order for you to create the most effective business that you can.

Business Kickstarter

Business Kickstarter Workshop cover image for Optimal Performance Academy with founder Kevin A Dunlap

Our signature 1-Day course to help you get a kickstart to your business so that you can hit the ground running.

Creating an Online Program Workshop

Creating an Online Program workshop as part of Optimal Performance Academy training with founder Kevin A Dunlap

Creating Effective Webinars

Creating Effective Webinars workshop as part of the Optimal Performance Academy training with founder Kevin A Dunlap