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As the founder of Optimal Performance Academy, Kevin A Dunlap is promoting this company on other social channels through interviews and guest spots on podcasts, TV shows, and other live events.  Take a listen to some of the shows below. 

This list is updated with the newest podcast on top as the shows are released.

Podcast cover for Small Business Delivered Podcast Network

Small Business Delivered

AI and the Future of Work

About this episode: 

Neal DiPentino engages with Kevin Dunlap, the visionary behind Optimal Performance Academy, in an insightful discussion about AI’s burgeoning role in business.

From the power of chatbots to the innovation of image-creating software, Kevin sheds light on how AI is reshaping content creation and digital presence. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for entrepreneurs, agency owners, and franchise owners looking to harness AI for business growth and efficiency.

Tune in for a glimpse into the future of work and practical AI applications.

Deepak Saini Show interviews Kevin A Dunlap cover.

Deepak Saini show

Episode 12

About this episode: 

In this episode I am chatting with Kevin Dunlap who is a business strategist and coach for small business owners and solopreneurs.

We discuss why he formed Optimal Performance Academy and all the details of what Optimal Performance Academy does.

Jess Get Hired podcast. The domino effect of problem solving featuring Kevin Dunlap CEO & Founder of Optimal Performance Academy & 4 time book author.

Jess Get Hired podcast

Episode 60 – The Domino Effect of Problem Solving

About this episode: 

Ever wondered if the solutions you devise could trigger a chain reaction of unforeseen challenges? 🤔

Join us as we unravel the intricate dance between problem-solving and the unexpected in entrepreneurship.

🔗 The Domino Effect of Problem Solving

BLN Live w Nick Demos podcast cover with a microphone on the cover.

Business Leadership Network

BLN Live 15-Min Interview w/ JR Spear

Interview with Kevin A. Dunlap

Global Citizen Life Podcast

The A to Z in Creating a Successful Business

About this episode

Kevin has had a very varied background. After high school, he joined the US Navy and was stationed in Japan for four years on a ship. This allowed him to see many countries and experience different types of cultures. He has also had many different career paths – college math teacher, a beach bartender, stuntman and stunt coordinator for film and TV (he is Kevin Dunlap (1) on IMDB). Kevin started a real estate consultation business which led to becoming a realtor several years later. Additionally, being an international podcast host and writing 4 books, he now using all those experiences working with other coaches, trainers, and service-based industry experts to help them start or grow small businesses. Kevin does this through his online courses, webinars, workshop, and coaching programs.

Zig, Zag & Pivots podcast cover

Zigs, Zags, and Pivots

Season 2 | Episode 5

About this show

The Only Constant In Life Is Change

Heraclitus (544 BC – 483 BC) is credited with saying, “There is nothing permanent except change.” The trouble with this statement is that, in general, human beings are resistant to change. We’d prefer almost anything else happening to us than having to make a change.

Kevin Dunlap is the founder and lead trainer of the Optimal Performance Academy, a platform and academy for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and create an impactful online presence. 

In this episode, James and Kevin talk about identifying how and where we can successfully navigate change in our lives.

Vintage Cigar Lounge & Club logo

Vintage Cigar Lounge & Club

Expand Your Brand Podcast

Episode 31

Austin and Jeff sit with Kevin A. Dunlap Business Strategist at Optimal Performance Academy. Kevin discusses his business background, and how he started the Optimal Performance Academy. Kevin also talks about the four books he wrote to help you on your entrepreneurship journey. Kevin gives our listeners some entrepreneur tips and much more!

Tea Time logo with Miss Liz

Teatime with Miss Liz

T-E-A Open Discussion with Kevin A Dunlap

Afternoon Teatime

Kevin Dunlap bringing you his T-E-A of online courses, programs, and workshops on building better business solutions and joining Miss Liz to teach how we can improve our business performances with the right resources. 

Jimbo Paris podcast show cover.

The Jimbo Paris Show #125 with Kevin A. Dunlap

Driving Growth and Success

He began his entrepreneurial career by investing in real estate and teaching creative real estate techniques to both new and experienced investors starting in 2004. He grew his business by helping countless people understand the creative side of real estate investing.

Indie Author Podcast

Indie Authors, Book Lover's Have w/ Zarlequan

Solution Series with Kevin A Dunlap

About this Episode:

Kevin was on the show with Zarlequan and talked about his book Launch! – The A to Z in Creating a Successful Business and how and why he became an entrepreneur. 

Spring Richardson-Perry interviews Kevin A Dunlap on the podcast The Spring Foward.

The Spring Forward Podcast - w/ Spring Richardson-Perry

Solution Series with Kevin A Dunlap

About this Episode:

Today we have a remarkable guest joining us. Please welcome Kevin A Dunlap, founder and lead trainer at Optimal Performance Academy. In this insightful episode, we explore the world of problem-solving and transformation through Kevin’s multifaceted approach of creating online courses, group and private coaching, and dynamic public speaking engagements. Kevin shares his expertise on crafting effective solutions that address client’s challenges and needs, from personal growth to business enhancement. Tune in as we delve into Kevin’s holistic model for success and discover how his approach can empower you to achieve your goals, unlock your potential, and achieve optimal performance.

You World Order podcast cover

You World Order Showcase - w/ Jill Hart

Episode 68 – Kevin A Dunlap – Unlocking Your Optimal Performance

Episode Summary:

In this enriching episode, Jill Hart talks with Kevin A Dunlap from the Optimal Performance Academy. Kevin’s mission is to help 1000 entrepreneurs reach six-figure earnings! The Academy’s aim is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their businesses.

Podcast cover Hot Takes with host Jessica George.

Hot Takes! - Get Hired with Jess George

Hot Takes: No Security in Job Security with Kevin Dunlap – Jess Get Hired Podcast

Episode Summary:

In this scorching episode of Hot Takes, we dive into the spicy truth behind “No Security in Job Security.” Our guest, Kevin Dunlap, is a true serial entrepreneur since the ’90s and the CEO and founder of Optimal Performance Academy (OPA). Join us as we explore how the concept of job security has evolved in recent years, and how individuals can navigate the dynamic job market to find stability and success in their careers.

Podcast - Yeukai Business Show with Kevin A Dunlap

Yeukai Business Show - Yeukai

Episode 543: Kevin Dunlap | Accelerate Your Business Growth: Implementing a Powerful Trick in Your Business for Lasting Results

Welcome to Episode 543 of the Yeukai Business Show.

In this episode, Kevin Dunlap shares his incredible journey as an entrepreneur and reveals a valuable tip that he wishes he had known when he first started. Why this tip is crucial for business success and discuss practical ways to implement it. 

So, if you want to know more about how to achieve entrepreneurial success, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • The Importance of having a coach or mentor
  • Being adaptable and willing to do something new and different
  • Strategies for Growing and Expanding a Business
Podcast Cover for Tech with Heart starring Michelle Calloway with Kevin A Dunlap as the guest.

Tech with Heart - Michelle Calloway

Using AI and Adaptability in Business Coaching

Episode Description

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, adaptability is the key to survival and success. For business coaches, staying ahead of the curve and offering innovative solutions is paramount to fostering strong client relationships and achieving sustainable growth.

In a recent interview on the Tech With Heart Show, Kevin A. Dunlap, a seasoned business coach, delved into the transformative potential of AI and adaptability in coaching.

6 Figure Podcast Rebels podcast cover

6 Figure Podcast Rebels

Life Lessons Through Crisis: Be Willing To Go Through The Uncomfortable Times To Achieve Success with 20 Year Entrepreneur Kevin Dunlap

Brittany Chetyrbok interviews Kevin A Dunlap

Let's Have This Conversation - Kevin McShan

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone as a Business Owner with Kevin A Dunlap

Episode Description

My first goal is to help 100 entrepreneurs become 6-figure wage earners
in their business through one or more of my coaching programs or online
training programs”.  He joined me
this week to tell me more.

Munira's Musings podcast cover

Munira's Musings

S2. E4. How to take advantage of spontaneity to reinvent yourself

About this episode

Kevin has worn a lot of hats. He talks about spontaneity speaks about just his passion and how he has reinvented himself. 

LuckyGirlieGirl Podcast cover featuring Kevin Dunlap

Luckygirliegirl w/ Christina Aldan

Ep 79 – Luckygirl: A Bite-Sized Podcast | Kevin Dunlap Entrepreneur Strategist

Episode Description

1999 was the magic year for Kevin A. Dunlap, while he was working as a computer programmer for Y2K. His position at his company was eradicated without notice, without severance. He vowed to become an entrepreneur from that day forward. In 2004 he moved to Vegas to continue his work as a business strategist. His advice to fellow entrepreneurs? You have to know where you are going to be in the future. Have a business plan about what’s happening within your industry’s future. He suggests expanding your business by learning how to delegate small tasks. Start small and hire a virtual assistant. Tune in to his podcast “Life’s Little Lessons” which can be found on iTunes and Stitcher.

Success & Sales: Hacks & Chats with host Michael McDonnell cover

Success & Sales: Hacks & Chats

On Business Coaching with Kevin A. Dunlap

About this episode

Kevin Dunlap is a business coach that specializes in helping you build a carrier on your passion, but he never started out that way! He started life in the US Navy, leaving to pursue a job but realizing that a job wasn’t secure.After a string of moments that lead up to him not wanting to live with regret and wonder “what if,” he decided to pursue his passion, grow his business, and now helps others to do the same!Enjoy! 🙂

The Michael Brian Show

On Business Coaching with 59 – Kevin Dunlap: Build a career on your passion

About this episode

Kevin Dunlap is a business coach that specializes in helping you build a carrier on your passion, but he never started out that way! He started life in the US Navy, leaving to pursue a job but realizing that a job wasn’t secure.

After a string of moments that lead up to him not wanting to live with regret and wonder “what if,” he decided to pursue his passion, grow his business, and now helps others to do the same!

Enjoy! 🙂

NC Web Dev podcast cover

NC Web Dev

On Business Coaching with Kevin A. Dunlap

Episode Description

This week we will run a podcast with a special guest Kevin A Dunlap. It is intended for people who are becoming entrepreneurs or seeking additional educational materials to grow their businesses, brands, and influences.

Marketing the Invisible podcast cover with Tom Poland

Marketing the Invisible

How to Create a Right Mindset for a Successful Business – In Just 7 Minutes with Kevin Dunlap

About this episode

Uncover your true passion in life and build a business around it Learn a system that may help you get what you want Get tips and advice on how you can break the roadblocks that keep you from achieving your business goals

The Unstoppable Soulpreneur with Susan Yockey

Episode 27: Eliminate Stress In Your Business

About this episode

Kevin Dunlap, has helped hundreds of people over the years to start and build their own personal businesses and brands. He is the author of the personal growth book and workbook titled Designing Your Own Destiny: Embracing Change through Leadership and Love. He has also created his own podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs and other interesting people called Life’s Little Lessons Show which can be found on iTunes.
He is a Business and Life Coach and an Entrepreneur Strategist. His name is Kevin A. Dunlap and welcome him to my show.