Maximizing Your WordPress Blog with Yoast SEO

Generate more organic leads by having a blog on an active website.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

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Course Benefits

  • How to start using a WordPress website from scratch.
  • How to update your default settings to optimize any and all blogs that you will be writing.
  • The additional WordPress plugins will make your life a whole lot easier when writing a successful blog.
  • Writing and formatting your blog for the best readability (one of the aspects you are being rated on with Yoast SEO) of your blog. 
  • The use of images in your blog, how to get royalty free ones, and then to rank them for SEO.
  • How to use the different Yoast SEO features to enhance your blog and your SEO.
  • And, which sites you will want to “ping” your blog to in order to further increase your SEO.

All of this and more is covered in this course.

Course Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Price: $97

Course Introduction - Maximizing Your WordPress Blog with Yoast SEO

Course Description

Did you know that having a blog on your website helps to raise your Google relevance in their search engine?  A site that is constantly changing by adding more and more content shows Google and the other search engines that you are in business. 

This brings us to our course called Maximizing Your WordPress Blog with Yoast SEO.

WordPress is one of the best platforms (and the one used by a large percentage of website owners) to build and grow your website.   WordPress has the ability to add in additional features known as “plugins” so your site can do a whole lot more.  Imagine a cellular phone where you can add apps to make your phone more useful.  A plugin is similar to an app for a phone.

One of the apps you can use is called Yoast SEO.   This is an app that ranks your blogs (and pages) in both SEO quality and readability.  By having this app check to see if your blog or page is optimized for SEO is extremely helpful.  This is why this plugin is so powerful.

In this course, we will go through how to start a WordPress blog, install the Yoast SEO plugin (and a couple of other useful ones), and then how to use the plugin for the best optimization of your blog and overall website.  

“Everyone who has ever felt challenged – personally, professionally, or both – will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”  

~ Diane Forster

Course Instructor

Kevin A Dunlap the founder of Optimal Performance Academy

Kevin A Dunlap

Founder of Optimal Performance Academy