Writing Effective Business Plans

Write a business plan to use to get additional funding for your business.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

Writing Effective Business Plans is an online business training program through Optimal Performance Academy founded by Kevin A Dunlap

Course Benefits

  • What is a business plan and why you need one. 
  • Each of the 7 parts of an effective business plan.  
  • The actual questions and how your overall plan is going to look like.
  • Having the actual elements written out so that you can design yours to look like you spent a mint with your business plan.

Course Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $197

Course Introduction - Writing Effective Business Plans

Course Description

Do you know how to create an effective business plan?

If not, then you have come to the right place.

Having an effective business plan is critical when you want to seek additional funding for your business.  This is especially true if you need that funding for start-up costs.

This is why you need an effective business plan.

It will help you gain a lot of additional clarity about how your business operates.  And, it will help you organize that into a plan of execution for you to take the necessary and required steps to take your business to the next level. 

“Everyone who has ever felt challenged – personally, professionally, or both – will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”  

~ Diane Forster

Course Instructor

Kevin A Dunlap the founder of Optimal Performance Academy

Kevin A Dunlap

Founder of Optimal Performance Academy