Discovering Your Purpose

Without Purpose, Your Business Will Not Fully Exist

A business without a good purpose is destined to fail.

In Discovering Your Purpose – step 2 in the Business Kickstarter series – we begin with knowing exactly where you are today in multiple areas of your life and business.  Without knowing your exact starting point how can you create a road map or a plan of action?

We then go into discovering what is it that you are considering doing.  Many times people start a business without knowing if it is something that people actually want. 

Then we will go into who is your actually ideal client so you don’t waste your time and money are trying to attract the wrong person.  You would not be very successful at selling a car to a blind person.  That person is not your ideal client.

We will go heavily into the problem or problems your potential client has and then what kind of solutions can you provide for them.  Is your solution a fairly simple solution or is it rather involved that may take them a long time to complete your program or system?

If you are seeking ways to discover what you will be doing then this course is a must-have.

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Discovering Your Purpose Benefits and Takeaways

In this course we cover …

  • Creating your initial support system.
  • Knowing your actual starting point in multiple areas of your life and business.
  • Picking your industry.
  • Ensuring your business is in alignment with your true self.
  • Finding your ideal customer.
  • Knowing their real problem and how you are going to solve that problem.
  • Creating multiple streams of income with variable types of solutions. 
  • Creating a multi-year Business Vision. 

Price: $197

“Kevin guides you through this fun journey, and in the process, you become an expert at navigating what  you used to call obstacles.”  

~ Daphne Erhart

Kevin A. Dunlap

founder Optimal Performance Academy

Course Instructor

Hello all! 

Welcome to Optimal Performance Academy and one of our great programs.

My name is Kevin and I am the lead trainer for this course.  As a serial entrepreneur, I want to extend my knowledge to you by giving you an education where you can learn.  This would allow you to use that knowledge to aid you in your business and helping your clients and students.  

I started my first business working in homeopathic sales after being downsized in 1999 after completing a gig working on a Y2K computer programming project. 

Since then I have created a real estate consulting and investment company.  This allowed me to write my first book in 2015 called Lease Options Made Easy: Buying a Home with Little, No, or Bad Credit.

I started to work on myself in the personal development space in 2010. I then decided it is time to give back and to help other people become an entrepreneur of their own businesses.  

Since then I have written several more books and even had a year-long podcast where I interviewed entrepreneurs from all over the globe.