Deciding to Start a Business

Taking that First Step to Actually Start Something New

Do you fully understand what starting a new business will look like?

In Deciding to Start a Business – step 1 of the Business Kickstarter journey –  we cover the potential sacrifices you will need to understand before you invest any money or commitments that starting a new journey entails. 

In this course, we will cover your motivating factors so that you can set yourself up the best way possible prior to starting a new endeavor.  We will also cover any self-limiting habits or beliefs you may have and then be able to create ways around those harmful habits.

Next, we will also cover the real sacrifices – time, energy, and money – that you will need in order to start.

We finish this course with what actual action items you will be doing in your first few days.

Let’s get started so you can build a highly successful business.

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Deciding to Start a Business Benefits and Takeaways

In this course we cover …

  • Discover your “why” you want to start a business.
  • Find your Limiting Beliefs you have about starting a business.
  • The sacrifices you will need to consciously make when starting a business.
  • What you will need in the first few days of starting a business.

Price: $197

“Everyone who has ever felt challenged – personally, professionally, or both – will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”  

~ Diane Forster

Kevin A. Dunlap

founder Optimal Performance Academy

Course Instructor

Hello all! 

Welcome to Optimal Performance Academy and one of our great programs.

My name is Kevin and I am the lead trainer for this course.  As a serial entrepreneur, I want to extend my knowledge to you by giving you an education where you can learn.  This would allow you to use that knowledge to aid you in your business and helping your clients and students.  

I started my first business working in homeopathic sales after being downsized in 1999 after completing a gig working on a Y2K computer programming project. 

Since then I have created a real estate consulting and investment company.  This allowed me to write my first book in 2015 called Lease Options Made Easy: Buying a Home with Little, No, or Bad Credit.

I started to work on myself in the personal development space in 2010. I then decided it is time to give back and to help other people become an entrepreneur of their own businesses.  

Since then I have written several more books and even had a year-long podcast where I interviewed entrepreneurs from all over the globe.