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Welcome to the Academy and our WordPress, Website, and SEO Courses

Building an organic online presence is critical in today’s world.  People are more often to find you online when they are doing their searches to find answers to the problems and challenges they have.  For you to stand out from the rest of the noise you must have tools and techniques that you use every day to build your online presence.  

These courses are to show you how to create a WordPress website, the additional tools you can use, and some SEO techniques so you can more easily be found. 

If you are unsure which courses you should be taking then schedule a 30-minute Discovery call (via Zoom) with our founder Kevin A Dunlap.

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Maximizing Your WordPress Blogs with Yoast SEO

This course is about how to increase your website’s presence through SEO by not only blogging but using a WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO.   This plugin is extremely powerful and will let you know a few things about your blog and how you can rank higher by the suggestions that it gives.   This course starts with a brand new website and goes through all of the website settings and the use of the Yoast SEO plugin (including additional plugins which will dramatically help you out).

Prerequisites: None

SEO Strategies Using Backlinks

This course is to start to help you understand how you can start building credibility and Google Page Ranking by utilizing backlinks on other websites that are not your own. Having backlinks at other locations will show search engines like Google that you are a legitimate company and will start to raise the results when people are searching for keywords that are part of your business.

Prerequisites: None

Introduction to Using AI in Your Business

Have you heard of AI or ChatGPT?  If you have, are you using it to help build your business?  If not, then this is a course you definitely want to take.  

In this course, we cover how to use various forms of AI to maximize and to simplify some of your business processes.  Get onboard and start incorporating AI into your day-to-day business needs.