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Becoming a public speaker or a trainer will give you the credibility to influence a lot of people at one time, thereby increasing your customer base and gaining more income.  

Make a difference in someone’s life today.

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Public Speaking Tract

Introduction to Public Speaking course cover

Prerequisites: None

Recommended Corequisites: Crafting Your Transformation Story

Introduction to Public Speaking

In this course, you will learn about places you can begin to speak at and share your message.   This will either be on podcasts or even in front of live people.

You will begin to structure your Signature Talk.  Learn about the 10 elements of any signature talk.  

Then learn about the 15 steps you must go through for any closing.  

Prerequisites:  None

Crafting Your Transformation Story

Your transformation story is how you will be able to more easily connect to other people and possible clients.  Use this from the stage, at networking events, and when you are sharing your message online.  This is the perfect way to humble yourself while also being an expert. 

Prerequisites:  None

Recording, Editing, Uploading Videos to YouTube

Learn all you need to know when you start to create videos for YouTube or any other platform.  Learn that your face is a major part of your brand and why you need to start creating your online presence through the use of video.  Learn the hardware and software you will need to be the most professional person in your industry.  Stand out from everyone else in your field by starting to create videos that sell.

Prerequisites:  None

Become a Self-Published Author

Become an expert in your industry by writing and self-publishing your own book.  Learn all of the tricks of the trade starting today.  Authors are the authority in their fields.  Increase your authority by writing a book.  This book will be your ticket to being that expert.