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Welcome to the Academy and our recommended courses for real estate agents.

The purpose of these courses is to improve personal credit, create a business credit structure, and create business credit.  

All of these courses are recommended for every level of entrepreneur. 

If you are unsure which courses you should be taking then schedule a 30-minute Discovery call (via Zoom) with our founder Kevin A Dunlap.

Road Map for Business Success is a mini-course through Optimal Performance Academy.

Prerequisites: None

Road Map for Business Success

In this course, we cover the three main mistakes business owners make and how to fix them so you stop wasting time, money, and energy focusing on the wrong people.  This course also covers how to set up systems so that your clients will want to keep coming back to you for more solutions. 

Prerequisites: None

Taglines, Mission Statements, & Vision Statements

Create your memorable Tagline for people to better understand what you do.  And create both a Mission Statement (better business clarity) and a Vision Statement (your path into the future).

Prerequisites: None

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Stop struggling with procrastination and become a lot more efficient by learning true time management skills.  Having better time management will lead to a better operating business and will help give you peace of mind that you are doing the best that you can with your resources. 

Prerequisites: None

Personal Credit Creator

In this course, you will learn about the 3 credit repositories and how they create your credit score.   You will also learn strategies in order to help boost your credit scores in a relatively short amount of time.  This is a must-have when starting to build corporate credit.

Prerequisites:  None

Client Life Cycle Marketing System

Learn about the 9 steps that all clients must go through during your sales process.  Find out where exactly your attrition is happening and how you can better retain your clients. 

Prerequisites:  None

Recording, Editing, Uploading Videos to YouTube

Learn all you need to know when you start to create videos for YouTube or any other platform.  Learn that your face is a major part of your brand and why you need to start creating your online presence through the use of video.  Learn the hardware and software you will need to be the most professional person in your industry.  Stand out from everyone else in your field by starting to create videos that sell.

Prerequisites:  None

Deciding to Start a Business

Learn what it is going to take when ou are starting and initially running a small business.  Before you spend too much time, effort, and money learn what you are going to need when you are getting started.  Don’t start a business without investing in this course!

Prerequisites:  None

Discovering Your Purpose

Now that you have decided to start a business now is the time to do the research and find out if your business is something that people will want to purchase from.  Stating that you can solve a problem does mean that people have the problem you want to solve.

Prerequisites:  None

Become a Self-Published Author

Become an expert in your industry by writing and self-publishing your own book.  Learn all of the tricks of the trade starting today.  Authors are the authority in their fields.  Increase your authority by writing a book.  This book will be your ticket to being that expert.

Prerequisites:  None

Introduction to Using AI in Your Business

Have you heard of AI or ChatGPT?  If you have, are you using it to help build your business?  If not, then this is a course you definitely want to take.  

In this course, we cover how to use various forms of AI to maximize and to simplify some of your business processes.  Get onboard and start incorporating AI into your day-to-day business needs.