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Welcome to the Academy and our Essential Business Courses

Every business can use some help to improve its functionality.  We are creating many courses in many different areas.  Select a class below and begin or continue on your journey of developing the best business you can imagine!

Some courses will fall into different tracts.

If you are unsure which courses you should be taking then schedule a 30-minute Discovery call (via Zoom) with our founder Kevin A Dunlap.

Basic & Introductory Course Tract

Road Map for Business Success is a mini-course through Optimal Performance Academy.

Road Map for Business Success

An introduction to becoming a business owner.  Identify your clients, understand their challenges, and build solutions to solve those challenges. 

Course cover for Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Stop struggling with procrastination and become a lot more efficient by learning true time management skills.  Having better time management will lead to a better operating business and will help give you peace of mind that you are doing the best that you can with your resources. 

Mastering Virtual Events with Multi-Platform Optimization course cover

Mastering Virtual Events with Multi-Platform Optimization

Learn how to promote your virtual (and in-person) events by posting the event on a multitude of platforms all at one time.  This will help expose you to a wider audience where you can now attract a larger number of people to your events.  Thereby giving you a larger number of people to make a sale. 

Florescent picture of Reno's sign also saying "Biggest Little City in the World"

Taglines, Mission Statements, & Vision Statements

Create your memorable Tagline for people to better understand what you do.  And create both a Mission Statement (better business clarity) and a Vision Statement (your path into the future).

Life's Little Lessons podcast actual cover as part of our online business training programs through Optimal Performance Academy

Life's Little Lessons Podcast

Listen to 59 interviews with other entrepreneurs and people of interest from across the world.  Learn about their struggles, their challenges, how they overcame those challenges, and their successes. 

Intermediate Course Tract

Client Life Cycle Marketing System

Learn about the 9 steps that all clients must go through during your sales process.  Find out where exactly your attrition is happening and how you can better retain your clients. 

Create a personal transformational story to help bring people into your business. Thus you will want to be Crafting Your Transformation Story.

Crafting Your Transformation Story

Your transformation story is how you will be able to more easily connect to other people and possible clients.  Use this from the stage, at networking events, and when you are sharing your message online.  This is the perfect way to humble yourself while also being the expert. 

Course cover for Recording, Editing, and Uploading Videos to YouTube.

Recording, Editing, Uploading Videos to YouTube

Learn all you need to know when you start to create videos for YouTube or any other platform.  Learn that your face is a major part of your brand and why you need to start creating your online presence through the use of video.  Learn the hardware and software you will need to be the most professional person in your industry.  Stand out from everyone else in your field by starting to create videos that sell.

Lead Magnet Generator course for people seeking to fix their credit through online business training courses with Optimal Performance Academy.

Lead Magnet Generator

As part of our Online Business Curriculum, you will want to know ways you can attract clients into your sales funnel.  A lead magnet (or a low-cost item) is how you can have a potential client make a small investment in order to make larger ones. 

Cover for the course titled Become a Self-Published Author by Kevin A Dunlap founder of Optimal Performance Academy.

Become a Self-Published Author

Become an expert in your industry by writing and self-publishing your own book.  Learn all of the tricks of the trade starting today.  Authors are the authority in their fields.  Increase your authority by writing a book.  This book will be your ticket to being that expert.

Writing Effective Business Plans is an online business training program through Optimal Performance Academy founded by Kevin A Dunlap

Writing Effective Business Plans

A business plan is a critical element for any small business.  it helps you understand with complete clarity what you need to do in order to build sales over time.  Plus, for anyone seeking investors, the first thing they will ask for is your business plan.

Personal Credit Creator actual cover an online business training program through Optimal Performance Academy

Personal Credit Creator

Many businesses will require personal guarantees for business loans.  Your credit can be very important as you build your business.  Learns some ways to improve your credit when the time comes that you need it. 

More Courses Coming

We are updating our courses on a continual basis. Check back often to learn of new classes coming.  

We will let all of our students know when a new class is available.