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Welcome to the Academy and our Credit and Finance Courses

The purpose of these courses is to improve personal credit, create a business credit structure, and create business credit.  

All of these courses are recommended for every level of entrepreneur. 

If you are unsure which courses you should be taking then schedule a 30-minute Discovery call (via Zoom) with our founder Kevin A Dunlap.

Personal Credit Creator actual cover an online business training program through Optimal Performance Academy

Prerequisites: None

Personal Credit Creator

In this course, you will learn about the 3 credit repositories and how they create your credit score.   You will also learn strategies in order to help boost your credit scores in a relatively short amount of time.  This is a must-have when starting to build corporate credit.

Prerequisites:  None

Co-requisites: Personal Credit Creator

Building Business Credit

Creating and maintaining good business credit is essential for a business to function and grow. Learn about the three business credit repositories and how you can start using different vendors today to start a credit profile.  Over time you can create a top-notch business credit profile if you know the processes that will take you there. 

Prerequisites:  None

Co-requisites: Taglines, Missions Statement, and Vision Statements

Writing Effective Business Plans

In this course,  you will learn about the 7 sections of a business plan and then how to write each of those.  

You will gain great clarity in your business as you build your business plan. 

A business plan is needed when seeking outside sources of startup capital.  All venture capitalists and angel investors will require a business plan when seeking outside funding.