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Welcome to the Academy and our Introductory Business Courses

These are our introductory courses that you can purchase or watch for free. 

The following courses are designed to help you make the decision to start a business and learn some of the essential elements of entrepreneurship.  

If you are unsure which courses you should be taking then schedule a 30-minute Discovery call (via Zoom) with our founder Kevin A Dunlap.

Road Map for Business Success is a mini-course through Optimal Performance Academy.

Prerequisites: None

Road Map for Business Success

In this course, we cover the three main mistakes business owners make and how to fix them so you stop wasting time, money, and energy focusing on the wrong people.  This course also covers how to set up systems so that your clients will want to keep coming back to you for more solutions. 

Prerequisites:  None

Life's Little Lessons Podcast

Life’s Little Lessons Podcast is a series of 59 interviews with entrepreneurs or people of interest from across the world.  It was recorded and launched between October 2017 to October 2018.

We interviewed people from all levels of success in business.  Listen now to hear about their challenges and success and how they overcame those challenges.  

Prerequisites:  None

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Stop struggling with procrastination and become a lot more efficient by learning true time management skills.  Having better time management will lead to a better operating business and will help give you peace of mind that you are doing the best that you can with your resources. 

Prerequisites:  None

Deciding to Start a Business

Learn what it is going to take when ou are starting and initially running a small business.  Before you spend too much time, effort, and money learn what you are going to need when you are getting started.  Don’t start a business without investing in this course!

Prerequisites:  None

Discovering Your Purpose

Now that you have decided to start a business now is the time to do the research and find out if your business is something that people will want to purchase from.  Stating that you can solve a problem does mean that people have the problem you want to solve.

Prerequisites:  None

Mastering Virtual Events with Multi-Platform Optimization

Learn how to promote your virtual (and in-person) events by posting the event on a multitude of platforms all at one time.  This will help expose you to a wider audience where you can now attract a larger number of people to your events.  Thereby giving you a larger number of people to make a sale. 

Prerequisites:  None

Taglines, Mission Statements, & Vision Statements

Create your memorable Tagline for people to better understand what you do.  And create both a Mission Statement (better business clarity) and a Vision Statement (your path into the future).