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Welcome to the Academy!

As a serial business owner, I fully understand the need to grow different areas of your business depending on your business’ wants and needs. 

Due to this, we are offering a multitude of courses in a multitude of different categories.  Some of our courses may be in more than one category.  

Check out our curriculum of courses by picking your area of interest.  Then find the course that most interests you.  

If you are unsure about the courses then schedule a Discovery Call with our founder Kevin A Dunlap to talk about our curriculum and our coaching programs.

Introduction into Business Tract

Portable chair at a small wood desk with open laptop

Check it our free course below.  This is our typical training style for courses.  The rest of our online classes can be seen in the sections below.

These courses are under $200 (sometimes free) and constitute an introduction to business.  These are for those who are just starting out or want to get back to the basics in building a business.

Essential Business Tract

The following course curriculum is to help a business learn different aspects of business in order to promote your business and be as effective as possible.  

In these courses, you will learn how to grow your business by implementing new aspects into your business.  

This is a fairly broad category and will house most of our courses.

Real Estate Tract

In the world of real estate, there are specialized subjects that most real estate professionals should be paying close attention.  

This is because real estate can be both an online business and also dealing with people who are buying or selling a tangible high-dollar item.  

Due to this, agents need a wide assortment of general skills.  This tract helps agent to focus on what they may need in order to run a successful business.

Online Business Tract

In the world of having an online business, you must be able to work with your clients while on the internet.

One thing that COVID and recent development in technology has shown us is the need to have an online influence.  Thus, you must be willing to take advantage of new technologies and build your business online.

Also, to be more successful in business you must be able to work with your clients more hands-off or passively. 

Take a look at these elective courses to build your brand while you sleep.

Credit and Finance Curriculum

Our online classes that are aimed to help you build your business and personal finances and to create or improve your credit.

Personal credit, business credit, business plans, and all other curriculum will be handled here. 

WordPress, Website, & SEO Tract

When building an online business you need to have a website that is up-to-date and can also do all of the functionality that you will need. 

Even though you can use just about any website builder which have a “drag and drop” feature, you may want to investigate into WordPress to add in a lot more functuality. 

Public Speaking and Trainer Tract

Join some of the highest-paid professionals by becoming a lead trainer or a professional public speaker.  Learn what it takes to design and create a talk that sells.

For those who are seeking to skyrocket their business becoming a trainer and public speaker is essential.  

The best way to gain a lot of additional success is by being able to influence a large number of people at one time.