Crafting Your Non-Fiction Masterpiece

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Crafting Your Non-Fiction Masterpiece outcomes ...

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Course Outcomes:

The Business Kickstarter Basic (or BK Basic) is a  structured 12-week group coaching program focused on the initial steps in building a successful business in the earlier days of business ownership.  Our main focus is to increase your client acquisition and maintain better client retention. 

You will be taken through the client’s journey through the entire process of discovering who your potential client is and the entire process of becoming a raving fan. 

By the end of our time together you will…

  • Have an Accountability Partner to work with throughout the program.  You may opt to continue that relationship after the program is past.
  • Have formed a legally structured entity in your state of choice.
  • Have a clear understanding of what you will want to be doing and start to attract customers to your business.
  • Have a thorough understanding of who you are marketing to attract the best clients and candidates.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the solutions you will be provided which could be through one product/service/program or a series of them.
  • Have started to create a second and third program that you can create to increase your client retention.
  • Have the outline of your business plan so you can have complete clarity on your business AND may start attracting investors into your business.
Investment: $4,000

Crafting Your Non-Fiction Masterpiece Logistics

Crafting Your Non-Fiction Masterpiece is a group coaching program aimed to help business professionals to become an author and an industry expert. When they become an author of a book with good content they can then start to attract more people to their business.  

This is a weekly meeting that we will talk about the different aspects of putting together a book.   This is a weekly course that meets for 12 weeks out of each quarter.  Meetings begin on the first Thursday of the month and will continue until the 12-week period ends.  The remaining Thursday will be ‘dark’ until the next first Thursday.  

There is no size limit.

  • 12 weekly sessions
  • Each session is 60 minutes in length.
  • Lesson 1 begins on the first Thursday of any quarter (January, April, July, October)
  • You can enter at any time.  
  • Held virtually on Zoom.
  • Homework will be assigned.

“What sets Kevin apart is his exceptional creativity. He possesses a remarkable talent for thinking outside the box and approaching challenges from fresh perspectives. ”  

~ Andrea Glasser

Invest in your business success by investing in Non-Fiction Masterpiece

  • Learn what is needed to get the ideas in your head down on paper
  • Learn to write your first draft as quickly as possible without getting stuck in the “paralysis by analysis” which causes most people to never finish a book
  • Learn how you are the ‘authority’ in your field.
  • Learn how to write the best quotes for a book.
  • Learn about how to write all of the sections prior to the first word of Chapter 1.
  • Learn about all of the additional sections after your last word in the last chapter.
  • Understand the different sizes you can print your book in
  • Understand the word count to estimated final number of pages. 
  • Learn about the importance of having an eBook version as well as a printed version.
  • Learn how you can make more money from your book by giving it away!
  • Learn about creating graphics on the covers as well as in the interior of your masterpiece.
  • And much much more…

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Additional Bonuses

We do believe in giving some additional bonuses with our coaching programs.  This way you can have ways to review some of the material over and over again, at your leisure. 

Here are the bonuses when you enroll in the Crafting Your Non-Fiction Masterpiece.

This comes with an additional $2,400 in bonus gifts. 

Kevin A Dunlap the founder of Optimal Performance Academy

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Kevin A Dunlap

Founder of Optimal Performance Academy