Business Kickstarter Solo

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Business Kickstarter Solo outcomes ...

Business Kickstarter Solo - Private coaching for small business owners seeking 1-on-1 private business coaching.

Course Outcomes:

The Business Kickstarter Solo (or BK Solo) is a more personally structured 12-week coaching program depending on your specific needs as to where you are today.  Our main focus is to increase your client acquisition and client retention. 

You will be taken through the client’s journey through the entire process of discovering who your potential client is and the entire process of becoming a raving fan. 

By the end of our time together you will…

  • Have formed a legally structured entity in your state of choice.
  • Have a clear understanding of what you will want to be doing and start to attract customers to your business.
  • Have a thorough understanding of who you are marketing to attract the best clients and candidates.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the solutions you will be provided which could be through one product/service/program or a series of them.
  • Have started to create a second and third program that you can create to increase your client retention.
  • Have the outline of your business plan so you can have complete clarity on your business AND may start attracting investors into your business.
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Business Kickstarter Solo Logistics

The Business Kickstarter Solo is a 12-week private coaching session where we provide 1-on-1 business coaching lasting 60-minute online Zoom video calls.  This is our quick-start method of getting your business started or taking your business to the next step if you have already created a small business.

  • 12 weekly sessions
  • Each session is for 60 minutes
  • Held on Zoom.
  • Homework will be assigned.

“Kevin was very informative. Share some valuable tips and tools for creating online courses with a lean budget. Very good presentation and probably saved me hours of research. Thanks again, Kevin! Hope to connect again in the near future!”  

~ Rahim Bamba

Invest in your business by joining us with BK Solo

  • Deciding to start a business.  We will cover “why” you want to start a business.  This is what will keep you motivated during the brightest and darkest of times.
  • How your association with money could be causing you to turn away paying customers.
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to overcome them.
  • What will you do in your business and is there a market for it?
  • What is your Personal Story so you can start to know how to find the right clients for you?
  • Who is your Specific Audience so that you don’t waste money and time trying to attract the wrong people?
  • What Specific Problem do they actually have that they aren’t even aware and how to define that problem?
  • Creating multiple Specific Solutions and how you can create multiple streams of income in your multiple solution methods.
  • Building your team of people to help you succeed.
  • Write your business plan to gain a clear focus on your goals and what you need to succeed.  Plus, you can use this for investors to invest into your business. 
  • And much much more…

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Additional Bonuses

We do believe in giving some additional bonuses with our courses.  This way you can have ways to review some of the material over and over again, at your leisure. 

Here are the bonuses when you enroll in the Business Kickstarter Solo.

This comes with an additional $6,600 in bonus gifts. 

Kevin A Dunlap the founder of Optimal Performance Academy

Program Coach & Consultant

Kevin A Dunlap

Founder of Optimal Performance Academy