Business Kickstarter Prime

Taking your existing business to the next level of success.

Business Kickstarter Prime outcomes

Business Kickstater Prime 12-week group coaching for entrepreneurs ready to grow their business to the next level.

Course Outcomes: 

  • Create your first webinar to attract more people to your business from online sources.  This includes the 9-Step closing technique that when used effectively will dramatically increase your closing ratio. 
  • A thorough understanding of the sales closing process.  
  • Having a Personal Story that will attract more people to you and your business. 
  • Fully understand your sales process to help eliminate attrition at each step in the closing process

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About Business Kickstarter Prime

Business Kickstarter Prime is a 10-week group coaching session for up to 10 people on a 90-minute Zoom live call. This course is for people who may already have a viable business and who want to expand that business to attract more online clients.

The premise of this group session is to help you create multiple ways to solve your client’s challenges. Thereby giving you multiple points of contact and multiple streams of income.

We will also go into the essentials for finding your clients by you creating effective webinars and other various lead generation methods. This will include creating a Signature Talk where you will share your message from the stage.

“Everyone who has ever felt challenged – personally, professionally, or both – will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”  

~ Diane Forster

Some of the Main Topics Include ...

  • Learn to create a revenue stream that eventually will bring in money while you sleep.
  • Constructing an effective webinar that sells.  This will include a live interactive webinar and then pre-recorded ones after your conversion rates are high.
  • Honing your Personal Story to become very successful at sharing your message and enticing others to want to work with you.  This is to be used at live networking events, as part of your webinar, or as part of a talk from the stage.
  • Use a marketing system called Education Based Marketing in all of your advertising.
  • Learning the CTAO Method will improve any advertising that you will do from now and into the future. 
  • Lead generation techniques to bring in more qualified clients to your business.
  • The creation and sequences involved in writing, hosting, and conducing an effective webinar.   This includes closing techniques which will make you a lot more effective.
  • And a whole lot more…


You can schedule a complimentary Strategy Session

Kevin A Dunlap the founder of Optimal Performance Academy

Course Instructor

Kevin A Dunlap

Founder of Optimal Performance Academy