Business Kickstarter Elite

For those successful businesses who are open for new growth.

About Business Kickstarter Elite

The Business Kickstarter Elite is a 16-week group coaching session for up to 10 students on a 90-minute online Zoom video call.   This course is not for the faint at heart and only is for those who are very serious in taking their business to the next level.  

This course does require qualifying.  If you don’t qualify then any funds invested in this program will be returned.  

This program is designed only for those entrepreneurs who are extremely serious about creating a business that can bring in some very serious income.  

Even though the call is only 90 minutes in length you will have some homework that will push you to the next level of performance.  This is not for the casual participant.  

In this program, we will cover ...

  • Refine your Personal Story so that it sells and is very natural even when speaking on stage.
  • Create your online presence through your website and landing pages
  • Creating an Online program for an additional source of income.  Additional programs could also be created for future streams of income.
  • Learning the tried-and-true techniques from speaking on stage.  This is how you can start to make really big money.
  • How to create your own online courses that you can sell to your clients.
  • How to create a 60-minute Signature Talk that you can deliver at any time to attract larger groups of people into your sales funnel.
  • Understanding email automation so everything works while you are not around.
  • And much much more…

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For every course that we sell, we will fund a micro-loan to another small business owner to help them realize their dream through crowdfunding at

Lead Magnet Generator Benefits and Takeaways

Business Kickstater Elite 16-week group coaching for entrepreneurs ready to grow their business to the next level.

Course Outcome:

  • You will have the outline of a 60 to 90-minute Signature Talk that you can give from the stage.
  • The outline of creating your first and future online programs that you can sell or use as a Lead Magnet to attract people into your business.
  • Having the knowledge to go through the 12-Step process of an Effective Strategy Session to ensure your clients are ready to invest in your program – ensuring you are the most effective in helping them achieve their goals and solve their challenges. 
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“Everyone who has ever felt challenged – personally, professionally, or both – will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”  

~ Diane Forster

Kevin A Dunlap the founder of Optimal Performance Academy

Kevin A. Dunlap

founder Optimal Performance Academy

Course Instructor

Hello all! 

Welcome to Optimal Performance Academy and one of our great programs.

My name is Kevin and I am the lead trainer for this course.  As a serial entrepreneur, I want to extend my knowledge to you by giving you an education where you can learn.  This would allow you to use that knowledge to aid you in your business and helping your clients and students.  

I started my first business working in homeopathic sales after being downsized in 1999 after completing a gig working on a Y2K computer programming project. 

Since then I have created a real estate consulting and investment company.  This allowed me to write my first book in 2015 called Lease Options Made Easy: Buying a Home with Little, No, or Bad Credit.

I started to work on myself in the personal development space in 2010. I then decided it is time to give back and to help other people become an entrepreneur of their own businesses.  

Since then I have written several more books and even had a year-long podcast where I interviewed entrepreneurs from all over the globe.