Group & Private Coaching

Learn with your peers in a small group of other entrepreneurs.

Based in the U.S. for a Worldwide Audience

Weekly Group coaching to keep your business growth on track

Group & Private Coaching

Coaching can be very helpful for your business success. We use group coaching to achieve this. With a coach, you have someone to guide you through business challenges. This saves time and money compared to doing everything yourself. Our coaching method involves learning in small groups, which lets you gain knowledge from others in the group.

Introduction to Group and Private Coaching Choices

We have four levels of entrepreneurs where we offer private and group coaching sessions.

Business Kickstarter Basic

Our introductory level of group coaching is called Business Kickstarter Basic – or BK Basic, for short. It is designed for those who are just starting out or may only have a limited amount of success.  This is a 9-week course where we will discuss different elements that new or small business entrepreneurs may need for their business growth.

Business Kickstarter Basic Group Coaching an 8 week program for new entrepreneurs who are just starting out in business.

Business Kickstarter Prime

Our second level of group coaching is called Business Kickstarter Prime – BK Prime for short. It is designed for those who may have a few years of experience. This is a 12-week group session with a maximum of 10 people per group. It is designed to bring you a second or third stream of income into your business.  

Business Kickstarter Elite

Our advanced group coaching is called Business Kickstarter Elite – BK Elite for short.  It is a 16-week advanced group session where we will talk about more advanced techniques in building your business.  This session is about creating online programs and a signature talk in order to increase your market awareness and bring in additional income streams.  

Business Kickstarter Solo

If group coaching is not for you and you prefer private or 1-on-1 coaching that is more tailored based for you then you may want to enroll in our Business Kickstarter Solo.  In this coaching program, we will do a private consult as to where you are now and what your overall goals are and we will construct a coaching program specific to your wants and needs.  

Strategy Session

If you are unsure then you can book a complimentary 1-hour Strategy Session to talk about your business and see how we can assist you further with your business.