Coach Financing

If you are interested with business coaching / consulting and it is outside of your current budget then consider obtaining financing.

Based in the U.S. for a Worldwide Audience

Don't let the absence of liquid funds be the reason you don't try to get ahead, today!

Why Get Financing for Business Consulting / Coaching

When people go to college, many of them look for additional financing to pay for classes and their schooling.  Then why not do the same when you are seeking to build your business?  

Over the years I have seen people put courses and coaching sessions on multiple credit cards – often with fairly high interest rates.  

If you feel you want to get a better education by hiring us here at Optimal Performance Academy then we may have some ways to make your dream possible. 

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Coach Financing

At Coach Financing you will know in under one minute if you qualify for financing for our coaching and consulting services.  

On a personal note, I have used them for years and is still the one that I use today.  They are great with customer support as all you need to do is submit a ticket and then you get a code so that you can call in to speak with someone.

Their plans may change so you want to ensure you jump on this one quickly!

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A newcomer to the area of website hosting.  Considered a top-notch company with many of the same features as above. 

Can host both regular websites and WordPress sites.  Very good pricing and has a 30-day free trial period.  

CRMs - Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of your customers as they go through your sales process.

Create email campaigns, autoresponders, and many other features for your business’ growth. 

Keap logo for email CRMs.

Keap (a.k.a., InfusionSoft)

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that is lightyears apart and is all under one roof then look no further than Keap.

Formerly known as InfusionSoft, this program integrates everything into just one program.  No external integrations with multiple of different companies.  Everything is under one roof.  In Keap you can …

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – Keep track of all aspects of a customer.  Their names, email addresses, phone numbers, important dates, notes, “tags” given to a client, and much other personal information
  • Email campaigns – create autogenerated emails, send mass emails, and set up email campaigns in a simple drag-and-drop through their Campaign Manager.
  • Create both Landing Pages and Sales Pages – Have a way to have your clients seamlessly go through your sales funnel process by the use of both landing pages and sales pages.  
  • Autopay – If you have membership sites or have someone on a drip pay campaign set this up easily here. 
  • SMS texting and appointment reminders – Set up auto-reminders via a text campaign once they give you permission to be set up on this type of notification. 
  • Calenders & Schedulers – Integrate your Google Calendar (or Microsoft Outlook Calendar) so that people can schedule appointments with you based on your settings and current availability on your calendar.  This includes auto-notification of an upcoming appointment (24-hour and 1-hour reminders). 
  • Multiple Calendars – If you have different kinds of appointments (free online consultation vs meeting in person) you can have multiple calendars based on your and your client’s needs.  
  • E-commerce – If you sell products or services online then you can create Checkout forms for any of the items you offer.  You can also create different price points in case you want to give people discounts.  These are all integrated through your trusted credit card service provider like Stripe, PayPal, WePay, eWay, or AuthrizeNet.  
  • Tagging – Create unique tags to allow people to connect to any of the above processes in one easy step.  A tag can be applied to send someone to a Landing Page, schedule an appointment, start an email sequence, or receive a new product. 
  • Direct integration with CustomerHub – If you have digital or virtual products then with one simple integration and unique tab a person can buy on Keap and receive the product immediately on CustomerHub
  • Direct Zoom Integration – If you have a Zoom account then you can create virtual live events on Zoom with unique Zoom links when someone enrolls in one of your virtual events.  This is a unique Zoom link separate from your account to increase privacy.

Keap has multiple programs and different initial discounts depending on your business’s needs. 

To find which one is the best, schedule a call today with us by clicking on the below button

Online Courses Platforms

If you plan on creating paid courses (or even free ones) you will need a place to upload them.  

Most platforms will be broken down into Sections and Lessons (they may be called different names on other platforms).  This means you may have a main topic and then the lessons that go with the topics, like a section and a chapter, or a chapter and subchapter.  

CustomerHub for those who are seeking to have online or digital courses for their businesses.


If you want a great place to host your online courses then this is an ideal location.  

Benefits of using CustomerHub

  • Integrates directly with Keap.  When a course is placed here an instant tag is placed on Keap.  This allows you to update clients in your sales funnels immediately when they purchase or are given a course.
  • Memberships option – for distribution of digital products.
  • Challenges – 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day challenge options. 
  • Set All Access Option – allows a customer to have unlimited access to all of your digital products.
  • Searchable – Courses are easily searchable on the platform.
  • Categories – Courses can be put into categories so that if a student wants to only take courses in that category they are not distracted by other courses.
  • Previews – Previews of other courses are available (at the teacher’s option) to show other courses they may be interested.
  • Student Completion Status – Status of completion for each course.
  • Student Status & Reports – Instant reporting to the teacher on the status of each student’s progress in a course. 
  • Other Important Qualities – The instructor can have an audio only course, or have downloads with any course.
  • Podcast Archive – If you have a podcast you can archive all of your shows here.  

This is our platform of choice and where we host all of our courses. 

Giving Back / Helping Others

Start to give to others who are in need of your support.  

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Kiva (micro-loans)

Helping other entrepreneurs from across the globe

Join us as we make a difference across the world with a Kiva micro-loan.  With an investment of just $25 you can start to make a difference to other small businesses build their businesses and helps their community.

Since this is a loan the money is owed back.  Once repaid you can reloan again to help another small business owner. 

This is the perfect way to give a little that helps a lot. 

Join us in our quest to help other people. 

*  For full disclosure, by using one of the affiliate links above we at Optimal Performance Academy do receive a small commission.  This does not apply to any donations given.