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Resolutions – Setting Milestones for Small Business Growth


New Year’s. Champagne, sparkly resolutions, and… wait, that can apply to your business too? Absolutely! Ditch the gym memberships and embrace the power of goals for your entrepreneurial journey. Here’s how New Year’s resolutions can be your secret weapon for small business success.

Setting the Tone for Success

Charting Your Course

  • Vision Quest: Resolutions force you to define your company’s North Star. Whether it’s dominating your niche or becoming a customer satisfaction legend, having a clear goal keeps you focused and your decisions sharp.
  • Roadmap to Riches: Break down those ambitious dreams into bite-sized action steps. This strategic map lets you allocate resources like a boss, manage your time like a ninja, and zero in on tasks that fuel your growth engine.

Motivation Matters

  • Fuel Your Fire: Setting resolutions ignites a spark within you. This motivation propels you through challenges, pushes you past setbacks, and keeps you laser-focused on your goals.
  • Accountability Crew: Share your resolutions with your team or stakeholders. Suddenly, you’re not just chasing a dream, you’re in a mission together. This shared accountability creates a powerful force for achieving those milestones.

Building Resilience

  • Bend, Don’t Break: Resolutions aren’t rigid plans. They’re flexible frameworks that adapt to market shifts and unexpected storms. As the landscape changes, revisit and revise your goals to stay relevant and on track.
  • Wisdom from Setbacks: Not every resolution hits the bullseye. But guess what? Every “failure” is a lesson learned, a chance to pivot and improve. Embrace the stumbles, they’re your stepping stones to growth.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Shared resolutions bind your team like superglue. Working towards common goals fosters unity, strengthens relationships, and turns your office into a collaboration wonderland.

Sustainable Growth, the Ultimate Reward

  • Constant Evolution: Resolutions cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Regularly evaluate your progress, identify areas for growth, and implement strategic changes. This commitment to getting better, not just bigger, sets you up for long-term success.
  • Customer Centricity is King: Many resolutions revolve around making your customers do that happy dance. This focus on satisfaction, product upgrades, and customer base expansion not only fuels immediate growth but also builds a loyal army of brand champions who spread the word and keep the cash flowing.
  • Reputation is Gold: As you consistently crush your resolutions, your business builds a reputation for reliability and commitment. This golden star attracts trust from customers, confidence from investors, and potential partnerships. It’s a magnet for growth and opportunity.


So, ditch the generic gym memberships and embrace the power of business-focused New Year’s resolutions. They’ll be your compass, your motivator, and your roadmap to a thriving, resilient, and successful small business. Let’s make this year yours!


Kevin Dunlap (#KevinADunlap) has been a serial entrepreneur since starting his first business in 1999. He has been a teacher, network marketer, stuntman (, real estate consultant, and Realtor. He has authored four books ( and hosted an international podcast (#LifesLittleLessons). He is now a business coach and strategist for #OptimalPerformanceAcademy. You can schedule a complementary 45-minute discovery session to talk about your business at