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Hiring a Business Coach – Should I or Shouldn’t I Hire One

 Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

Small business owners often face a variety of challenges as they work to establish and grow their businesses. These challenges can include anything from managing finances and marketing to developing effective systems and processes, and more. While some business owners may feel confident in their ability to overcome these challenges on their own, many find themselves struggling to keep their businesses on track.  This is when you may want to consider hiring a business coach.

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Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

A business coach is an experienced professional who can work with business owners to help them grow their businesses.  They help them to identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve greater success.  Here are just a few reasons why small business owners should consider hiring a business coach.

  1. Gain perspective and insight

Running a small business can be a solitary experience, even if you have a partner. As a business owner, you may feel like you are on your own, without anyone to turn to for guidance or advice. A business coach can provide a fresh perspective and valuable insights into your business. By working with a business coach, you can gain new ideas and strategies that can help you grow your business.

  1. Develop a clear plan of action

One of the biggest challenges that many small business owners face is developing a clear plan of action. A business coach can help you identify your goals, and create a roadmap to achieve them.  Thereby, creating a step-by-step plan to reach those goals. This can be particularly helpful if you are struggling to prioritize tasks or are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of running your business.

  1. Build skills and knowledge

As a business owner, you may have a strong understanding of your industry but may not have expertise in all areas of business. A business coach can help you build skills and knowledge in areas such as finance, marketing, sales, and more. By developing your skills, you can become a more effective leader and grow your business more quickly.

  1. Overcome roadblocks and obstacles

Every business faces obstacles at some point. Whether it’s a financial challenge, a staffing issue, or a problem with a product or service, a business coach can help you identify and overcome roadblocks. By working with a coach, you can develop new strategies for addressing challenges, and learn how to stay focused and motivated.  Overall, you can get the support you need to keep moving forward.

  1. Hold yourself accountable

Running a small business can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to lose sight of your goals or get distracted by day-to-day tasks. A business coach can help you stay accountable to yourself and your business goals. By setting clear expectations and checking in regularly, a coach can help you stay focused and motivated. This will help ensure that you are making progress toward your goals.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Lending Tree, about one-third of all small businesses will fail within their first two years.  20% of those will fail in their first year.  Many times, these could have been avoided if you had someone else working with you.  This is one main reason you need to consider hiring a business coach for your business.

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In conclusion, hiring a business coach can be an incredibly valuable investment for small business owners. By gaining perspective and insight, developing a clear plan of action, building skills and knowledge, overcoming roadblocks and obstacles, and holding yourself accountable, you can achieve greater success and growth for your business. If you are a small business owner who is struggling to overcome challenges and achieve your goals, consider working with a business coach to help you get there.


Kevin Dunlap (#KevinADunlap) has been a serial entrepreneur since starting his first business in 1999. He has been a teacher, network marketer, stuntman (, real estate consultant, and Realtor. He has authored four books ( and hosted an international podcast (#LifesLittleLessons). He is now a business coach and strategist for #OptimalPerformanceAcademy. You can schedule a complementary 45-minute discovery session to talk about your business at