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About Optimal Performance Academy

OPA is an organization that was formed after seeing so many people struggle when thinking of starting a business and actually getting started.  Or when operating a small business and looking for growth.

The founder is Kevin A Dunlap, an entrepreneur since 1999.  

He created Optimal Performance Academy out of experiencing a need to help others try to launch and grow a business.  After years of trying to figure everything out on his own, he realized that many other small business owners are experiencing the same struggles.  There was definitely a need for better education and training to help those small businesses. 

Optimal Performance Academy began as exactly what the name suggests.  It wanted to create a school or “academy” to work with small business owners with their education, especially when going online.  Therefore, OPA started to create online programs to assist those small business owners.

This then morphed into live training and coaching programs.  The founder realized his love for teaching and educating people so that his students could blossom into something much bigger than what they had realized. 

When Kevin started a Meetup group in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area he wanted to let those teachings go out to the rest of the world.  This is when “The Classroom” was created. 

OPA’s current goal is to help 100 small businesses to reach a 6-figure annual income.  This way we know that the information we provide has helped people achieve one certain level of business success. 

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For every course or coaching program that we sell, we will fund a micro-loan to another small business owner to help them realize their dream through crowdfunding at Kiva.org.

About Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur since 1999 after being downsized after finishing a gig while working on a project called Y2K.

He is also a Navy veteran after serving nearly 5 years in the military.  He was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan for 4 of those years and he was able to travel to 12 different countries while serving his time.

His background gives him a unique twist on the world.  Besides living amongst other cultures Kevin has worked as a bartender, computer programmer, college math tutor & instructor, real estate consultant, real estate investor, REALTOR, stuntman & stunt coordinator, and a business strategist & coach.  His film credits can be found on IMDB

He had a podcast, Life’s Little Lessons, where in Season 2 he interviewed 59 entrepreneurs from across the world covering 4 continents.  

When he was in real estate he wrote his first book called Lease Options Made Easy: Buying a Home with Little, No, or Bad Credit in 2015.  The remaining 3 books can be found on the Author page