About Optimal Performance Academy

Our goal is to make you a more successful brand and business.

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About Optimal Performance Academy

OPA is creating an “academy” to work with small business owners with their education as they are looking at starting and growing their businesses, especially when going online.  We do this through our online education programs, workshops, and coaching programs.

We have created a number of different business tracts with our education programs which are being created on a regular basis. 

Kevin also started a Meetup group where he teaches on a live basis.  These courses are recorded and then released in our membership area called  “The Classroom”

OPA’s current goal is to help 1,000 small businesses to reach a 6-figure annual income.  

About Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur since 1999 after being downsized after finishing a gig while working on a project called Y2K where he learned that there is no stability in the corporate world. 

After writing his fourth book, Launch! – The A to Z in Creating a Successful Business, Kevin decided that he wanted to use his previous history as a teacher to educate entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses.

His background includes…

  • High school honors student
  • 5 years in the US Navy
  • 7 years in college (BA in applied mathematics, graduate studies in meteorology)
  • Computer programmer
  • College math teacher
  • Ex-stuntman and stunt coordinator for film and stage
  • Real estate consultant, investor, and Realtor
  • Podcaster for entrepreneurs
  • Business coach & strategist

He uses his 20+ years of entrepreneurial knowledge to enhance the education of all of his students and clients.