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About Optimal Performance Academy

At Optimal Performance Academy, we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness. Our mission is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and lead a life of success and fulfillment. Whether you’re a business startup, an early stage solopreneur, a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, or someone seeking personal growth, we have the tools, knowledge, and support to help you thrive.

Our Programs & Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive programs designed to cater to your specific needs and goals.  If you are seeking professional business consulting, taking online courses at your own pace, or prefer intensive live events then we have something for you.

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Group & Private Business Consulting

Optimal Performance Academy provides different levels of group coaching depending on the needs of your business.  This may range from just getting started to creating online programs or webinars to creating a Signature Talk or a weekend event. 

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Online Training Courses

Optimal Performance Academy is creating more and more online courses to help the needs of all of our students.  These courses are aimed at small business growth to multiple stages of development.  Currently, we have 7 different tracts of education.

Kevin A Dunlap in front of a room of people giving a talk.

Seminars, Workshops & Live Training Events

We are hosting (and are in development) of creating multiple online training programs to give live assistance to our attendees.  These range from small 1-day workshops, Meetup training events, and multi-day weekend seminars.  

Are You Ready to Get Started Today?

Are you ready to unleash your full potential?  Contact us today to learn more about our programs and everything that we offer.

Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey toward optimal performance and personal fulfillment.

View our Calendar of Upcoming Events

Click on the image or button to go to our Calendar page.  Or click on a topic you like to get more information and how you can RSVP or pay for an event.

Kevin A Dunlap is the founder and creator of Optimal Performance Academy

Meet the Founder: Kevin A. Dunlap

Kevin A. Dunlap is a serial entrepreneur since 1999.  His desire to see other people succeed, especially in business, is one of the reasons why he formed Optimal Performance Academy. 

He has been an instructor for many years and his goal is to take 1000 small businesses to a goal of having a 6-figure annual income.

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Featured Courses

We have a number of online courses which are added to our database on a frequent basis.  These can all be found on our Online Courses page and are sorted by different categories.   

The Classroom

We are now having a weekly online meeting where we give education to all of those who attend. You can sign up for free to attend any of our future events my following this Meetup link.  We have topics covering SEO, Social Media presence, using automation in your business, and new business concepts.  You can also learn more by clicking on the button to learn more about The Classroom.

Join Our Small Business Owners Meetup Group

Are you looking to get an education on running your small business and do this for free?  Then you may want to join our Small Business Owners Meetup group where we business training for all small business owners on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

Previous topics have included: SEO, Artificial Intelligence, Business credit, Taglines, Facebook ads, and many many more.  Here is a list of the previously recorded events

All events are recorded are part of membership area called The Classroom.

Who We Work With

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Real estate professionals is where our core business began.  With two decades of experience in this industry, we enjoy working with agents and helping them build their real estate careers.

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of the world economy.  It is these people and their dream to build a legacy that is what keeps us motivated and wanting to ensure they get everything they can out of their businesses. 

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Coaches & Consultants

Coaches and consultants are what keep many people and their small businesses functioning at the most optimal level.  We aim to ensure these people also can focus on building their businesses so they can continue to help others.

What some of my clients say's about me


Svetlana - The Light Freedom

Svetlana Singletary - The Light Freedom

"Kevin takes his clients on the journey of the possibility of a great life that every person can have if he chooses to think and feel differently about past experiences. He makes the process fun and exciting."

Patrick Snow - author | Speaker | writing coach

"Kevin has a way of showing you how to make incredible changes in your life."

Patrick Snow - book writing coach
Jenn Lucas

Jenn Lucas - Trainer

"Kevin has created a simple process, with great examples and analogies, to powerfully change my life. I can use - and I have - the learnings immediately to make positive changes. It is great that I can apply them in my personal and professional life."