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We have a number of online courses and group coaching for all of your small business needs.

About Optimal Performance Academy

Optimal Performance Academy is a business coaching company aimed at startups and small business owners to help educate them to build a successful organization through one of our learning platforms.  We take pride with helping small business owners to become the best that they can be in order to provide the best services and products to their clients. 

Business group coaching is one of the many methods we here at Optimal Performance Academy helps small business owners to grow their businesses.

Group & Private Business Coaching

OPA provides different levels of group coaching depending on the needs of your business.  This may range from just getting started to creating online programs or webinars to creating a Signature Talk or a weekend event. 

Online Training Courses

OPA is creating more and more online courses to help the needs of all of our students.  These courses are aimed for small business growth to multiple stages of development. 

Seminars, Workshops & Live Training Events

We are hosting (and are in development) of creating multiple online training programs to give live assistance to our attendees.  These range from small 1-day workshops, Meetup training events, and multi-day weekend seminars.  

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Kevin A Dunlap is the founder and creator of Optimal Performance Academy

Meet the Founder: Kevin A. Dunlap

Kevin is the founder and lead trainer for Optimal Performance Academy.  

The company was formed as a business training platform for people who are becoming an entrepreneur (a.k.a., Solo-preneur) or are seeking additional educational materials to grow their business, brand, and influences.

We accomplish this through our Group coaching programs, online training programs, live workshops, and seminars.

We also have a Meetup group in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area which you can join here.

The events at the Meetup group are recorded and are part of our new membership site called “The Classroom“! 

Featured Courses

We have a number of online courses which are added to our database on a frequent basis.  These can all be found on our Online Courses page and are sorted by different categories.   

What some of my clients say's about me


Svetlana Singletary - The Light Freedom

"Kevin takes his clients on the journey of the possibility of a great life that every person can have if he chooses to think and feel differently about past experiences. He makes the process fun and exciting."

Patrick Snow - author | Speaker | writing coach

"Kevin has a way of showing you how to make incredible changes in your life."

Jenn Lucas - Trainer

"Kevin has created a simple process, with great examples and analogies, to powerfully change my life. I can use - and I have - the learnings immediately to make positive changes. It is great that I can apply them in my personal and professional life."

Lisa Locaynia - government contractor

"Kevin's real life examples give meaning and depth to the concepts he presents. His thought-provoking insightful questions prove opportunity for deep introspection and growth. Recognizing limiting beliefs, rethinking obstacles and revealing true desire, all light up the shortest pathway to achieving goals and chasing after big dreams."

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